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Injured? The Boustany Law Firm protects your rights in legal matters including criminal law, personal injury law, and family Call us at (337) 261-0225. We hope to exceed your expectations.

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The Boustany Law Firm believes in the right of those injured in accidents to be fully compensated for their losses. That compensation should and does include medical expenses, lost wages, physical and mental pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of services to the home and family, and other losses suffered by those injured through the neglect of others. We believe that society is made safer when those who injure others are held accountable. In that way, we all have a duty to protect the rights of individuals, and to help insure that we live in a safe and secure community. As we have said so often, “helping you is what we do,” and we are proud of our reputation for excellence. Although we believe that past accomplishments are less important than future goals, the following represents some of our accomplishments.

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